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Galakrond Zoo deck that is working great.  Keep refilling the board and go face 90% of the time.  Dead simple to play.  Fast games and does pretty well against most decks.

Galakrond Package is the whole shebang: Dragonblight Cultist Fiendish Rites Veiled Worshipper Galakrond, the Wretched Devoted Maniac Shield of Galakrond and Kronx Dragonhoof.  

Mech package of Mecharoo SN1P-SN4P and Explodinator gives you a board and fodder for EVIL Genius and Grim Rally.  

Basically, keep flooding the board until you can drop a giant or two.  Or use Galakrond, the Wretched to build a board and smack face.  The trick to this deck is knowing how and when to play your Sea Giant.  Against a lot of decks with AoE, it is your protection.  Even Shaman's Earthquake or Druid's Starfire can't kill it cleanly.  Not too many Shaman run Hex so Shaman can't really kill your giant easily and their board flooding helps get him out.  However, it is very weak against Rogue, who will just sap him. 

Previous version ran Mortal Coil but I found that it was lacking and am experimenting with Impferno.  You produce a lot of demon tokens in this deck (the Galakrond tokens along with Flame Imp and Voidwalker), so it could be like a mini board clear and Bloodlust.  It is somewhat expensive at 3 mana though.  So this is a flex spot (along with Plague of Flames).  I've toyed with the idea of The Black Knight for all the taunts in the meta instead.  Any other ideas would be welcome.

In general, keep your 1 drops and your 3 mana Galakrond cards.  If you have Mecharoo, keep EVIL Genius.  Otherwise toss him in favor of your three mana Galakrond cards.  It's very important to get your Galakrond invoked twice early, as it makes Veiled Worshipper incredibly powerful.  A draw three with a 5/4 body for 4 mana is absolutely INSANE and I'm shocked no one is talking about this card. It single-handedly carries your control matchups.  If you have coin and can play two of your 3 mana Galakrond cards out by turn four, then this card is absolutely game winning.  If you follow up with Shield of Galakrond, then the game is over.

edit: changed the deck around a little and it definitely feels more powerful.  I took out the three "flex cards" Plague of Flames and 2 Impferno.  In it's place is Zilliax and 2 Faceless Corruptor.  Lots of obvious use for both.  Who knows how long we have until Corruptor gets it's inevitable nerf, but for now, it's a powerful board swing if you're behind.  Zilliax is an obvious choice, as it can magnetize to your mechs and give you some vital healing and defense.

edit 2: comment about Sea Giant was correct.  By the time you dropped it it was too late.  Changed to Jumbo Imp and a Wargear to push damage w your mechs.




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  • Nekros's Avatar
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    Posted 3 years, 9 months ago

    Gotta love this deck. I usually get bored of decks really fast, so this one is really refreshing. This deck SMOrcs hunters at their own game. A second Sea Giant isn’t really needed, as you typically can just rush him with imps. In place of the second giant you can place a Twisting Nether or a Plague of Flames. Either works fine. Definitely works at Rank 5 and above too so I wouldn’t even call this masterpiece a meme deck lol

  • CableKnight's Avatar
    Rexxar 405 187 Posts Joined 03/14/2019
    Posted 3 years, 9 months ago

    Feels weird to say, but I'm not sure if Sea Giant is great in this deck. You usually don't start doing things until turn 3, and I haven't been able to swarm the board fast enough to get him out consistently. Not sure if I agree that Jumbo Imp is the right replacement, but unless we go into a more token-based meta I'd strongly consider cutting it.

  • Hydrafrog's Avatar
    Gul'dan 1835 3266 Posts Joined 05/28/2019
    Posted 3 years, 9 months ago

    Jumbo Imp in this deck is better than Sea Giant. I've found that with the invocations you do, along with Galakrond's hero power, you're going to be able to drop it fast and easy.


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