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Let me introduce you to my Copy-Rogue deck creation.

Three of the best cards Rogue plays these days are Flik Skyshiv, Heistbaron Togwaggle and Kronx Dragonhoof. I wondered what would happen if I combine those cards with all the copying effects available to the class. 

And it works quite ok, all things considered. I've played the deck for a few days now, and it can hold its own between rank 10 and 8. Not a great win rate, but also a fairly small sample size. But it is fun, when it works and you play zero mana kronxes to deal with the board, snipe those pesky evasive taunts with Flik and(/or) rake in treasure after treasure with the baron. 

The backbone of the deck is galakrond and his invoke stuff. I don't run Miscreant because I already run into hand size issues. I play this deck slow, skip turn one, dagger up but no attack, then hope for turn three Seal Fate. Against super aggressive decks I'm screwed. Against slower decks I can often stall long enough, turn seven or eight, and collect enough cards to play one of three strategies:

Copy Togwaggle first, draw zero mana cards and maybe follow up with Galakrond. It can be a little bit of a gamble, best (and not too rare) case I get some copies in your deck first and then out for zero.

Copy Flik first, subpar, but still a threat, and quite a surprise for decks with high value minions. Definitely a viable strategy against tempo decks. 

Copy Kronx first, which I prefer to do if I can shadow step him.  I'll always try to get as many copies as possible with Togwaggle's Scheme because I think he is the most valuable one out of the three, even if not discounted. 

I have a lot of fun with it, let me know what you think! 

Thank you for your attention. 

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