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Good morning friend! Have you had anything to eat today? No? Well sit down, I'll bring you some food!

We've got Eggs

Devilsaur Egg Card Image Nerubian Egg Card Image

We've got bacon

Huffer Card Image Hench-Clan Hogsteed Card Image

We would have chicken and waffles but (ironically) Leeroy ate all of the waffles and left. So we just have chicken

Bad Luck Albatross Card Image

We pride ourselves in our very friendly service

Jeeves Card Image

And in our very appropriate dishware for the most stressful situations

Pressure Plate Card Image

We have the finest hunters sniff out the best game using the most sophisticated methods, and then brought straight to your table. You won't get finer meat anywhere else in all of azeroth!

Don't die before you have had a chance to eat the best breakfast you will ever have! 

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