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Saviours of Uldum is out! Hyena Alpha can bring new life to this deck. If anyone asks what with Pressure Plate, the answer is that i don't really like it, especially here when you should depend on summoning minions rather than destroying random enemy 1/1's

Recent changes: Zul'jin and one Scavenging Hyena have been thrown out as they do almost nothing here. Hyena very rarely gives you value (yes, for real) and either the game is over or you have Rexxar already played on turn 10. Additionally, Zul'jin often blocks the card draw from Quick Shot


Added 2 Hyena Alpha's and replaced the Hench-Clan Hags with Infested Wolfs

Latest Performance: TBA

Mulligan Guide:

  •  Always look for Mad Scientist and one Secret, depending on what you are playing against
  • Always throw out Genn Greymane (it's obvious why) and Unleash the Beast
  • Look for Lesser Emerald Spellstone against all slower decks and Hunter (best way to win the board); throw it out vs. Mage, Rogue and Warlock (useless against Zoolock and weak to Hellfire)
  • Against Mage - Since most of the Mage decks you face on ladder are Tempo/Seccret Mage decks, you should look for Quick Shot and Cat Trick
  • Against Hunter - All Hunter decks are currently aggro decks, so Explosive Trap, Bear Trap and Wandering Monster are the best secrets to look for. Additionally, you should leave Flanking Strike, because it's a very strong tempo play against all aggro decks
  • Against Warrior - Warrior decks are usually Odd or normal Control Warrior, so you should leave Deathstalker Rexxar (to maximize value), Haunted Creeper and Dire Wolf Alpha(to build a wide board quickly) or Cat Trick to counter eventual removals
  • Against Druid - There are two Druid archetypes currently played on Wild - Token and Jade Druid. From Secrets, you should look for Explosive Trap or Snake Trap (second one also punishes your opponent for attacking your minions with his hero power). Leaving Haunted Creeper is also good
  • Against Shaman - I rarely face any Shaman decks and all of them are aggro (usually Even Shaman), so I would just say that you should look for the same cards as againts Hunter
  • Against Priest - Big Priest is a tough match-up for this deck; you should definitely look for Freezing Trap and Cat Trick and throw out all other Secrets. From minions, I would look for Dire Wolf Alpha and Haunted Creeper
  • Against Rogue - Explosive Trap is a great counter to Rogues' 3 or 4 minion boards on turn 2. Don't leave Freezing Trap only to counter Edwin VanCleef because it's useless most of the time. As for all aggro match-ups, look for Flanking Strike which is great against Southsea Captain. Rely on spells rather than on minions, because Rogue has a well-balanced card called Sap
  • Against Paladin - Again, Explosive Trap is the best choice from all Secrets since Odd and Secret Paladin are the most common Paladin decks on wild. You can look for Lesser Emerald Spellstone because it's hard for Paladin to deal with (unless they have Wild Pyromancer and [Hearthstone Card (Consecrate) Not Found]), although it's sometimes too slow. From minions, Haunted Creeper is a good choice because it's able to trade four Silver Hand Recruits
  • Against Warlock - Another tough match-up; you should try to find a way to avoid Defile and then Hellfire. Cat Trick is the best of all Secrets here and you can also leave one Crackling Razormaw (into +3 Health or Divine Shield boosts against AoE or Poisonous against Voidlord. All spells are useless here and leaving Spellstone is one of the biggest mistakes you can make



  1. Most recommended - Savannah Highmane for Unleash the Beast
  2. Pressure Plate for second Infested Wolf
  3. Rat Trap for second Infested Wolf, not much recommended as it is a useless Secret in most cases
  4. 2-slot - Not much to change here, although if you have your favourite 2-cost aggro card, you're free to put one here instead of Scavenging Hyena
  5. 4-slot - Lifedrinker and Hench-Clan Hag are the only 4-cost cards I would eventually put here. You can replace either Infested Wolf or one of the Secrets with them
  6. Zul'jin is probably one of the first cards which many people would consider putting here. After playing over twenty games with him in this deck, i've played him only three times so far with almost no value from him. While he's on your hand, he blocks the card draw from Quick Shot. In over half of all games, you play Deathstalker Rexxar before turn 10 and Zul'jin does completely nothing because it's not worth to play him for few Wolves and five Secrets while losing a great hero power

Card importance: 

Tier 0 - Buildarounds - Genn Greymane

Tier 1 - Core - Mad Scientist, all Secrets except Rat Trap, Lesser Emerald Spellstone, Flanking Strike, Deathstalker Rexxar, Hyena Alpha

Tier 2 - Useful Cards - Haunted Creeper, Crackling Razormaw, Dire Wolf Alpha, Quick Shot, Unleash the Beast

Tier 3 - Side Cards - Houndmaster, Infested Wolf

Tier 4 - First Cards to Replace - currently none

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