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EDIT: The nerf to Metamorphosis really hurt this deck.  Can it still do enough damage for an OTK turn?  Sure, it can hit for 32 still.  Do you always need a full OTK turn to win?  No, often times I only needed about 20 or a little less to pull off the win.  Could this deck use some refining after the nerfs and new cards coming out?  Well yeah, but I just haven't wanted to do that after the nerf, and because Wild is often too fast for this deck to work as a true OTK deck.  But feel free to use this as potential inspiration for a new build if you'd like.

If you haven't spotted it yet, the combo is as follows: If you can get at least one tick from Emperor Thaurissan on Clockwork Automaton, Garrison Commander, and Prince Taldaram you could set up a two turn, 40 damage combo with the Metamorphosis hero power, and then unleash the combo the following turn with 32 damage to face.  My first game playing the deck (Platinum ranks) was against a favorable match up, and I honestly drew very well.  But you can see the Replay for details on how it went.  Was able to play Emperor on curve, set up enhanced hero power on 8, played combo on 9 to win.  I also had a little bit of an aggro start, which gives me hope it could still hold it's own in an aggro match up long enough to get the combo, or at least enough pieces to still win while damaging the opponent's face.

Skull of Gul'dan is still included to try and get additional cost reductions.

(11/6/2020) The list likely needs refinements after the release of Scholomance, but I'll wait until after Darkmoon to even try and update it.


~ Thonson

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  • LordMilan's Avatar
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    Posted 3 years, 5 months ago

    So do you know what OTK means? 

    " could set up a two turn, 40 damage combo ..." - not this.

    • Thonson's Avatar
      HearthStationeer 1730 1666 Posts Joined 03/24/2019
      Posted 3 years, 5 months ago

      Thank you for your constructive criticism.

      While most games pulling off the 40 damage turn will require set up prior, if you get lucky Skull draws while in Outcast it can be a true OTK. But even if you have to do some set up for the 40 damage turn, most OTK decks require set up.  So this is no different.

    • maverick's Avatar
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      Posted 3 years, 5 months ago

      OP could have phrased it better, but if you have already played Metamorphosis, then Garrison Commander, Clockwork Automaton, and Prince Taldaram combined with your hero power is a 40 damage OTK.  Sure it requires setup and mana cheating from Emperor Thaurissan or Skull of Gul'dan, but most if not all OTK require setup.



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