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So this deck was originally made as a way to challenge Demon Hunters, but I've found that it works surprisingly well against a lot of different archetypes. I figured Mirror Image would be strong against DH (copying their Imprisoned or Priestess). Since I was running one secret, why not more?

This deck operates like a tempo deck in the beginning with burn spells/generated minions as the main win condition. 

Key Cards:

  • Ancient Secrets/Arcane Flakmage--- These two cards are a godsend in the early matchup. Ancient Secrets can generate 0 mana Flame Wards to deal with aggro, or 0 mana Netherwind Portals for insane swing potential. Combine this with Arcane Flakmage, and small boards are no problem. 
  • Mana Cyclone--- This deck runs several cheap spells, so Mana Cyclone serves as a way to refill the hand. Especially good with Ray of Frost, Magic Trick, and Ancient Secrets. 
  • Mirror Image--- A critical card against specific matchups such as Demon Hunters and Buff Hunters. Can copy dormant minions so you get them a turn earlier. Especially good against DH with reduced demons via Felscreamer. 
  • Netherwind Portal--- Good combo activator, and especially good to cheat out big minions if reduced by Ancient Secrets. 
  • Flame Ward--- Combo activator plus board clear. What more could you want?
  • Fireball/Cloud Prince--- Flexible cards, but they often act as the main win condition. Gradually lower the opponents heath with board control, then finish them!
  • Evocation/Astromancer Solarian--- Hail Mary cards. Solarian can be used for tempo earlier as a minion that buffs spells, but both Solarian Prime and Evocation are there to try and finish the game in desperate situations. 

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