Super Cheap Shaman WIN!

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I'm currently 5-0 with this vs various decks. All cards have been banned, whatever 3 you are left with should work fine.

Ban any cheap cards they have such as Twin Slice, Claw or Evocation.

  • If you have Frost Shock use it every turn, keep their minions in check and their face if they have any weapons.
  • If you have Sludge Slurper use at most 1 per turn to keep a little tempo, use the lackeys asap.
  • If you have EVIL Totem get one our on turn 2, don't fill your board up or you may get minion locked.
  • If you have Lightning Bolt save it them up for final burst. Use you hero power to get spell damage.

Use your hero power for mana efficiency and hold back your resource to be reactive with your lackey generated resources.

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