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This is deck that took me to rank 5 for the first time in February 2019 in Standard ladder.

Back then I even wrote extensive guide to it, but never publish. So, for the memories I do it now (no matter that nowadays in wild its probably complete trash). Here it is:

Hunting ranks with midrange - 18 wins in a row from rank 12 to 5


Hello everyone, I want to share with you a deck which brings me some spectacular results this season. I believe that you have already seen very similar (or possibly exactly the same) lineup of cards, and I’m not going to pretend that this is my own creation. Core of the deck consists of well known strong cards for midrange hunters, with few additions that serves me well.


I’m casual, free to play player, with limited time to spend on Hearthstone and I typically end season at rank between 15 and 11. This radically changed this month, where I experienced unprecedented win streak of 18 consecutive wins with this deck from rank 12 to rank 5:

All time winrate is solid 71%.


Mulligan tips

I assume this is quite clear to anyone. Try to get something to play on first tree turns, ideally Dire Mole, Crackling Razormaw and Animal Companion. Mulligan away everything that cost more than three mana (and Kill Command). Special exception is warrior - here is a good chance he plays control, so try to find Deathstalker Rexxar. Against paladin is very useful Unleash the Hounds.


Gameplay tips

As you can see, most of my games lasted only 7 turns, so win strategy is perfect curve. Playstyle is simple:


During the game beware board clears, so don’t play all in, unless you are desperate. Against warlock always play around Defile. This deck doesn’t have any single target removal nor silence, so you must deal as much damage to opponent as fast as possible.


Card choices/replacements

I believe all card choices are self-explanatory, but since this is my first guide posted here on Out of Cards, I feel an obligation to do it thoroughly :)


Dire Mole - Best turn one play for hunter, period.


Jeweled Macaw - Because you always want something to play on turn one (because of Headhunter's Hatchet and more importantly Crackling Razormaw) and often bring some nice value for later turns.


Springpaw - Insanely good and flexible card. Great synergies with many cards (most notably Crackling Razormaw, Houndmaster, Scavenging Hyena, Leokk), useful at finishing off taunts and other threats.


Crackling Razormaw - True MVP, carried more wins than any other card in deck. Obviously, greatest impact has when played on turn two on Dire Mole (or other one drop). 


Headhunter's Hatchet - Some prefer Candleshot in package with [Hearthstone Card (Hunter’s Mark) Not Found], but this weapon does great job at removing early game threats and later putting some extra face damage.


Scavenging Hyena - Red flag for most opponents, but don’t wait too long for optimal combo with Springpaw, Unleash the Hounds and/or Tundra Rhino. Probably will be immediately removed regardless, so put it into play whenever it doesn’t die to a board.


Animal Companion - Autoinclude :)


Bearshark - Great against mages and overall very good three drop beast (remember, curve is everything).


Kill Command - Finisher and removal tool for those pesky taunts.


Unleash the Hounds - Two words: Odd paladin. Not enough? What about another two: Scavenging Hyena.


Dire Frenzy - Win more card, which is also very useful in control matchups where fatigue is an issue. Obviously best used on Huffer for massive burst damage, but very powerful almost on everything.


Flanking Strike - Staple in all hunter decks, excellent swing card.


Houndmaster - Card, that helps you keep pressure, synergy with rest of the deck.


Baited Arrow - Strong swing card that can also help you finish off opponent behind taunt wall.


Tundra Rhino - If you play this against empty board, your opponent could have hard time to deal with it AND rest of your minions. 


Deathstalker Rexxar - You want him in deck because of control matchups, where he is your only way to victory. However, in most other cases this is just a dead draw, because your typical win condition is to out value your opponent on board. Feel free to replace him with Savannah Highmane.


Tough matchups

Recent nerfs eliminated (or at least toned down) two of frequent unfavorable matchups (Secret Hunter and Spellhunter), but there are still others:


Odd Paladin - Try to hold the flood and slowly build a board. Best chance to seize victory is through Scavenging Hyena, ideally buffed up with juicy Unleash the Hounds slaughter. However, if you are going second, you can only pray for god hand.


Odd Warrior - Only card that matters is Deathstalker Rexxar. Rest of the deck is just a distraction. Even if you play him, prepare for fatigue battle so when you build a zombeast consider cards that fill your deck (like Direhorn Hatchling).


Odd Mage - This is really tough. I think there is no other good advice than go for the face while you can. When this fails, Deathstalker Rexxar can be your savior, but chances are slim. Possibly worst matchup of all.


Priest - He has some nasty tricks in his sleeve like Spirit Lash, Mass Hysteria and Psychic Scream, so you need to be FAST (especially in case of Wall Priests).


Warlock - Just a reminder: Be aware of Defile and Hellfire.


Rest of the bunch can be beaten down by consistently good curve of your strong cards.


Happy hunting!

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