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You've seen Duel Paladin, and Big Warrior has ripped its way into the game, but what about Big Hunter? Well, we decided it was time to try making it work!

This deck uses Blatant Decoy to yank one of our big minions onto the board alongside something from our opponent. Hopefully ours is bigger than theirs... With Nine Lives, we can get extra copies of Blatant Decoy summoned onto the board immediately for just 3 mana (it summons itself due to the deathrattle trigger, not one of your massive minions, as we learned painfully in the early stages of experimentation...). Or, if you've manage to summon a Scrapyard Colossus, Nine Lives will drop a 7/7 taunt onto the board and give an extra copy into your hand. And, the third deathrattle minion in the deck is Khartut Defender, for those matchups where you really need the healing.

Initially, we didn't have any minions less than 6 mana, but we died miserably without sufficient early game. However, after tossing in Phase Stalker to cycle through the deck and provide some early game pressure, the winrate turned around and ended up above 50% (small sample size still, but not bad!). Just be sure to play out Phase Stalker before dropping or killing off Blatant Decoy unless you really want the smallest minion from the deck summoned onto the board... If you're looking to shock your opponent with a Hunter deck they never expected, this might be something to try out! It still has some refining to do, but the core is here...

We've got a video with gameplay at, so check it out if you're interested. Enjoy, and have an awesome day!

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