[SA] Libroom Pen Pal-adin (ft. Sathrovarr & Polkelt!)

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Well Met!

Why go pure when you can have ~ P E N S ~ ? Honestly, Lightforged Zealot and Lightforged Crusader aren't all that great, and it's better to have the reach and board control of infinite pings.

The spicy addition to the deck is Lorekeeper Polkelt, which lets you get your Libram of Hope and Lady Liadrin reliably. But because the deck has a lot of low-cost cards you want (like Pen Flinger and Libram of Wisdom), you can use Sathrovarr to re-shuffle your deck after getting your powerhouse cards.


General Tips

  • Against Control, never leave your Pen Flinger on the board. It's more valuable to keep bouncing it so that you have the damage to close the game. Against Aggro, because you really just need to survive till Libram of Hope, it's fine to let them die if you're desperate.
  • Don't get greedy with Argent Braggart, especially against Aggro. It doesn't need to be an 8/8 to be worth playing. It's worth playing for tempo as long as it is a 3/3 or larger.
  • Don't play Lorekeeper Polkelt until you're sure you want to draw your top-end. Usually, that means waiting until you have drawn Aldor Truthseeker. Also keep in mind that Libram discounts apply in-deck, so if you played 2x Aldor Truthseeker your Libram of Hope will cost 5-mana and will be drawn AFTER you other 9-mana, 7-mana, and 6-mana cards. Weirdly though, Devout Pupil's discount applies in-hand, so they won't be put on the bottom of your deck if you're played 6+ spells.
  • In aggro/tempo matches, try to use Sathrovarr on a 0-mana Devout Pupil. In a control matchup, try to get him on Lady Liadrin for massive value. Also worth noting he can copy Libram of Wisdom and the rush buff from Animated Broomstick.

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