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Thanks to FrostyFeet for the article feature!

As Frostyfeet also pointed out, Sound the Bells! does suck when pulled from High Abbess Alura and is also just slow for wild. I've been experimenting with the following cuts:

-2 Sound the Bells!

-1 Crystalsmith Kangor

-1 Maiev Shadowsong

+2 Shotbot

+2 Bad Luck Albatross

I may not be able to change the decklist because the featured article specifically mentions Sound the Bells! and I don't want to make FrostyFeet look stupid when I was the one who was stupid for including Sound the Bells! in the first place.

Once I have enough experience with the deck, I'll make a full guide for it for those who are interested, so look out for that in the future!

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