Sn1p Sn4p Wild and Free!

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The deck obviously runs around setting Sn1p Sn4p wild and free!

And that is the only intended win condition of this fun deck. Butt, yes there is a butt, you could happen to win with just the mech package since, with some luck, they're really aggresive even without some core Mech Hunter cards.

So the plan is to:

1 Play Coppertail Imposter the previous turn or have a mech on the board

Play Corpse Widow and Mechwarper

3 Play SN1P-SN4P on the Mech on the board as many times as you can/want :)


Playing another Corpse Widow instead of the Mechwarper at turn 10 or more also works of course.

The deck i made is mainly against Control decks as the Wild format is currently crawling with control decks. (Damn you Priests!)

Possible Substitutions against aggro:

-1 Zul'jin +1 Unleash the Hounds

-2 Necromechanic +2 Galvanizer

-1 Corpse Widow +1 Explosive Trap

You should probably replace Zul'jin anyway with anything else from the Mech package, but i decided to insert it in the list in case you need a couple more cards to draw and/or to cast potentially up to 2 more Deadly shots since Taunts are the biggest threats to the combo and i encountered one too many. I would recommend replacing it with a Metaltooth Leaper or an Explodinator to summon 3 more mechs on the board.

Main counter: Nozdormu 

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  • jwbrain's Avatar
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    Posted 4 years, 3 months ago

    Is it really worth it to run two Master's Calls along side two Trackings and two Stitched Trackers? Why not just run some other card draw instead for more tempo like Loot Hoarder? I realize that it gives more minions to discover, but I would think that still having six ways to tutor Snip-Snap would be good enough.

    • Hope22546's Avatar
      60 3 Posts Joined 06/05/2019
      Posted 4 years, 3 months ago

      Actually decided to go with six discovers because snip snap is not the only minion the combo requires, there's the corpse widow and mech warper too and sometimes you just want them asap, but if you need more tempo you can totally try other cards and let me know :) 

  • dencrypt's Avatar
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    Posted 4 years, 3 months ago

    I think everyone I played against so far with this hates this deck. Good work!
    Who would know that nozdormu would actually one day be a useful card though! Good catch!

    • Hope22546's Avatar
      60 3 Posts Joined 06/05/2019
      Posted 4 years, 3 months ago

      Thanks! I got the same impression from the players i was against ahahaha

      Be careful for that Nozdormu! 


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