Pure Blessings Paladin

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So, this is extremely similar to the main builds of Pure Paladin, but this list runs Blessing of Authority and Blessed Champion for the opportunity to use a Libram of Hope to summon an Ancient Guardian as a Blessing of Authority base, and drop an Argent Braggart or two with massive stats. If one of them survives a turn, Blessed Champion will allow you to hit the opponent for 32 damage.

The Pure Paladin package is really strong right now, so if you're not just focused on smacking the opponent with 32 damage, this can certainly be a climbing deck, but with some fun games where you can "Hit it really hard!" We've got a gameplay video with a fun game at https://youtu.be/2PRMzaezNtQ if you'd like to check it out. So, happy experimenting, and have an awesome day!

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