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With the recent buff to Totem Goliath, we decided to venture into Wild to see how many Al'Akir the Windlord we could summon with Windshear Stormcaller. The idea was to use the 4 basic totems from Totem Goliath with the reward from Corrupt the Waters to summon 2 Al'Akir at once, and if that didn't finish the game, we'd bounce Al'Akir with Bog Slosher or Grumble, Worldshaker for even more Al'Akirs.

There's a decent Totem synergy package, but nothing other than Windshear Stormcaller that is really sad to lose the original hero power once the quest is complete. However, even with Totem Goliath, it was quite a challenge to get all 4 basic totems to stick to the board at once, and when we did, we often didn't have space for a second Al'Akir to summon on the board at the same time... We ended up making some major modifications to the deck after a few games, but the winrate tanked. This is not a competitive deck by any stretch of the imagination, but it is fun for trying to summon multiple Al'Akir in a single game! With the Quest reward, Bog Sloshers, and Grumble, you could potentially summon 5 Al'Akir during a game!

We've got a highlight video with gameplay at if you'd like to see the deck in action. Have fun experimenting, and have an awesome day!

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