[BRM] Lord Nefarius w/ Quest warrior - Heroic mode

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This is an old deck which was built to deal with Lord Nefarius in Blackrock Mountain adventure.


Ragnaros can't send help to you in heroic mode. But on the bright side, you can use his power with the help of Sulfuras.

This is basically a quest warrior deck, with some tweaks to stand better against Lord Victor Nefarius. You play on curve, stall with your taunt minons until you get your new hero power.


Keep these cards:
- Fire Plume's Heart
- Brawl
- Stonehill Defender
- Only keep Sleep with the Fishes if you have Whirlwind


- The most important thing you need to keep in mind: Use your Brawl wisely. It's better to keep Brawl in your hand from the start but don't use it right away unless you have to. Wait for the best chance to erase as many minions as possible.
- Cornered Sentry can combo with Ravaging GhoulProtect the King! or Brawl
- Don't be hesitate to use Execute in early game to kill 5+ damage minion(s). Once you unlock your Ragnaros hero power, you don't really need removal cards anymore.


You can use 2x Sleep with the Fishes and add 2x Revenge. That would gives your deck better AoEs. 2xIronforge Portal  and Protect the King! can be replaced.

"Why I dont see The Curator, Primordial Drake or N'Zoth, the Corruptor?"

- You can build a Curator or N'zoth version if you want. But high value comes with expensive mana. I dont use them because I need a better mana curve to stall in early game.

I also think this deck can be improved more. Feel free to suggest your better options.


hsreplay vs Nefarian

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