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Hello everybody,

This is my personal version of Quest Hunter. This deck was born with the idea to make The Marsh Queen work in a good way.

How does it work?

This deck is played aroung The Marsh Queen as a win condition. This means this is a midrange-like deck, playing the beatdown against control and defending against aggro. The quest needs you to play 7 (1) minions, so you don't have enough space left to put removal or other nice spell. So I decided to make this an advantage and to go on the Spiteful Summoner route, using the strong (9) mana spell Call of the Wild and the good average removal Crushing Walls to ensure that something will be summoned.
The best synergy is with Prince Keleseth: if played after you completed the quest, it will give +1/+1 to 15 raptors!

The parts of this deck:

  • The quest activators: this is a quest deck, so we need to complete the quest. I play 12 (1) mana minion, 2 Ravencaller to even generate more, and 2 Tol'vir Warden to tutor them. If you draw well, you can end the quest in 5/6 turns, and that is good. The tempo of the (5) 8/8 is good, the value of the 15 raptors is amazing.
  • Spiteful Summoner: the Spitefull Summoner is very good in this deck. The (9) mana pool is good, and while the (8) may be better, the (9) is surely competitive with the (10) that cointeins a lot of understatted minion like the Old Gods. It is better to summon a Nozdormu then a C'Thun, isn't it? Both spells are good, Call of the Wild will force your opponent to waste an aoe on a single spell, while Crushing Walls can make a disctract enemy cry. However, often you'll never need to play them to win.
  • Some control package: as a spiteful deck, you work more about making your board great then making your opponent's bad. However, we still play Spellbreaker for silence, Zilliax for some healing and removal, Primordial Drake as an aoe, Houndmaster Shaw for transform your minion from passive threats to active board clears.
  • Deathstalker Rexxar is one of the most important card in the vs control match-up, because it alone can change the speed of the deck. After you play the Death Knight, this is no more a midrange deck, but it became a value-oriented control deck.
  • Prince Keleseth played after the quest ended transforms our already strong raptor in big (1) 4/3, as strong as quest rogue's reward. If you can combo him with Brann Bronzebeard they become 5/4 :O
  • Tundra Rhino in some match can OTK your opponent from nothing.

How to play this deck: against aggro

As a midrange deck, against aggro you assume the control role. Here, you shouldn't be too greedy: the Death Knight can be played for his aoe value alone or Brann can be played for tempo. As the deck is composed by so many (1) drops, you'll end the quest eventually. You should play minions to contest the board, trading everything and keeping the opponent far from his goal. Here the Prince should be dropped ASAP instead of waiting for the synergy, because the buff is more useless early on the quest activator then after on the raptors. If you end the quest, a 8/8 for (5) is good tempo, and the raptors will make you able to make a good board every turn. If you didn't die earlier, you are on a good way to exaust your opponent's resources and then winning the match. If you are able to stabilize, a good roll from the spiteful summoner can help winning too, but if you are behind, remember that she can missfire too. Tundra Rhino should be used for clearing purpose instead of waiting too much.

Against control

Here instead you are the beatdown. Before ending the quest, you should develop your boar turn after turn, remembering to hero power for pressure, without exagerating and going all-in into a defile. You have a lot of (1) drop, so you will always have something to play, but they will be poor against the bigger drop your opponent will play. The key for this match-up is the Prince, because after dropping him and the big dinosaur, no deck have so many board clear to kill every turn the raptors you'll play. If you can combo with brann, you are in a very good spot. 30 raptors with +2/+2 are beautyfull.
In some match-up, you'll overcome your opponent with your endless horde of raptors, just like OG Jurassic Park. In some others, you can use the Rhino to make your raptors go face. If you can smorc enough raptors, you win no matter what. This isn't a true OTK, not always you will get 30 damage from nothing (you would need 6 5/4 raptor to make 32 damage), but often you won't need so many. Making 18 damage (the rhino + 4 4/3 raptors) won't be rare at all. As the raptors make you draw, you can play them and hope to draw and play more.
Remember that your (9) mana spells are awesome against control, so you have enough threat to win. Spiteful can be usefull too, as she is another target for premium removal or aoe that won't hit your raptors. And somethime a well timed Nozdormu will make them misplay so hard.....
If nothing else works, you still have your death knight. After you play him in a slow matchup, you should change the way you play this deck. Now the priority is to use the Hero Power as much as you can, and drop the best zombeast you can, using the raptors only with spare mana. Every turn you'll drop a big minion surronded by one or more raptors, this is more then some control deck can handle.

Against combo

As your OTK combo isn't reliable at all, you can't expect to OTK them before they OTK you. Instead, you play the beatdown and smorc them down. Save the silence for some good target like Doomsayer, and everything will be fine.
Pay attention on who your opponent is: often it will be correct not play the death knight to continue using the 2 damage face of the standard hero power.

Against big priest

*go crying in the corner*

Tech card:

  • against aggro there isn't that much you should do, as your low drops are enough to contest enemy's board. Maybe a Tar Creeper or something like that instead of Brann.
  • against control you could add a second rhino or a second Spellbreaker, depending on the meta. The second is good against things like cubelock, while the first is better against deck with lots of life total like jade druid or odd warrior. Toxmonger can be good too
  • against combo you cannot play dirty rat, so you'll stick with a [Hearthstone Card (Dreadlord) Not Found] if you really want to. Unseen Saboteur is a card too.
  • against big priest Toxmonger can be really good, as you can kill everything with 1 mana drops. However, it isn't that powerfull.

Mulligan guide

  • Against aggro you can hard mulligan for prince keleseth
  • Ravencaller is the best card of the deck, and almost a must.
  • You should always keep or try to find at least 1 (1) mana drop, 2 are better.
  • Against control you can keep the Death Knight too, expecially if you already have a (1) mana drop.

Budget version

If you don't own the quest, play another deck! If you don't have the Prince, you should look for a build that is not created around him. Instead, Houndmaster Shaw can be replaced by a second rhino, and you can play the deck without Deathstalker Rexxar, your win rate will drop a little against control, but you'll be fine against aggro. Replace him with anything that generate some value. Zilliax and Bran are good but not primary, you can replace them with any tech card.

For the epic, again spitefull summoner shouldn't be replaced as the deck is built around her too, and Call of the wild is too good not to play it. Instead, you can remove Crushing Walls because the spell itself isn't that strong, and the winrate won't drop that much. As you will have only 2 spells now, your Spitefull will miss more, but not that much. Maybe.
The dragon can be replaced by any other aoe minion.

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