NoHandsGamer's Aggro Demon Hunter - Darkmoon Faire Day 1 Deck

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    I used this deck to finish my legend climb today. Overall win rate from Diamond 5 to Legend was ~67%. It is close to the ideal F2P ladder-climbing deck: cheap, fast, and murderously effective. 

    The matchup spread seems, anecdotally, very nice:
    -Strongly favored against Paladin and Totem Shaman; the deck is too fast and has too many tools to keep the board clean for them to stabilize;
    -Favored against Hunter and Rogue, for similar reasons;
    -Slightly favored against Disco-lock and Revolve Shaman; if the Shaman draws into his Coasters he can keep up, otherwise you run away with it; against Disco-lock, silencing (or failing to silence) Expired Merchant swings the game;
    -Slightly favored against warrior and priest

    -Disfavored against Control Shaman (Tidal Waves = GG)
    -Strongly disfavored against Soul Demon Hunter-- this matchup is heavily stacked against this deck

    The deck is generally favored against Mage and generally disfavored against Druid, but I didn't face enough of either to have a definitive opinion.

    In most aggro matchups, you have just enough healing to keep ahead. Dreadlord's Bite and Altruis are great for regaining the initiative. This deck can generate some ridiculous Altruis turns, especially if you're able to Skull into Altruis, but you shouldn't feel compelled to try and squeeze or delay to max Altruis. There were plenty of times for me where just two ticks of Altruis to clean up the enemy board was plenty. You need to assess whether you'll need Altruis to push finishing damage through. If you won't, don't be greedy.

    The Pariahs are interesting because they create a different threat than the rest of the board. When you have several small minions *and* a medium-sized Pariah it can complicate the enemy's life trying to figure out what to counter. They're a little slow, though.

    Line Hopper is variably valuable. The body is nice, but mostly that's just because it's harder to remove than most of your chaff. His true function is to enable reloads with Runners and Spectral Sight on the cheap. 

    This deck is all about Outcast. If you don't like the Outcast mechanic, or feel you can't manage it well, choose a different deck. You have to think about it well in advance, even during your mulligan phase. Usually, draw tools aren't worth keeping in your opening hand. I will sometimes keep a Crimson Sigil Runner *if and only if* it's on the left or has a clear path to get there. (A Pariah in-hand can change that thinking.) Keep Beaming Sidekick only if you have another one-drop in your hand. 


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