Wild Secret Mage (My first time Legend Rank, 12-2020)

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This deck is nothing original or revolutionary, but it's the deck that brought me first time ever to Legend rank and this is a memorial for this feat.

It all started with infamous introduction of Rewards Track, that lead me to abandoning Standard format and look into my possibilities in Wild. I found out, that by coincidence I have all cards for this Secret Mage and at start of December I told to myself that everyday I win three wins on ladder - not more, not less.

I started with 9 stars for each win on Bronze 10, and after 23 days later (just one night from Christmas Eve) I reached my dream goal with record 69-37 (winrate 65%). From Diamond 5 to Legend it was actually 26-11 (winrate 70%).

Class distribution:

Demon Hunter (3%)Druid (12%)Hunter (3%)Mage (15%)Paladin (4%)Priest (21%)Rogue (8%)Shaman (6%)Warlock (20%)Warrior (8%)


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  • stargazingdog's Avatar
    30 1 Posts Joined 01/19/2021
    Posted 2 years, 8 months ago

    Thanks for the deck! Got my first time legendary rank with it as well.


  • Hydrafrog's Avatar
    Gul'dan 1835 3266 Posts Joined 05/28/2019
    Posted 2 years, 9 months ago

    Nice build.  Did you encounter many odd paladin decks on your climb?  I've found that I had to substitute another Flame Ward because of Odd Paladin and Odd DH.

    • Torgal's Avatar
      Draconically Dedicated 1000 293 Posts Joined 06/01/2019
      Posted 2 years, 9 months ago

      As you can see in class distribution, I encountered only 4 paladins with score 2-2 (iirc 3 of them were odd) and 3 Demon Hunters (all odd) with score 1-2. These hyper aggressive decks can be a problem, either you have an answer in hand, or you are dead.


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