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I'm continuing my journey to theorycraft decks that use some of the least used cards in each class. After Druid, I've stumbled upon Hunter. I've already made a Reno Mecha'thun deck, but that one wasn't in line with my plans.

As the deck's name suggests, this deck uses Dinomancy. This one may not be as aggressive, but the constant amount of buffs from your new Hero Power will add up to buff your units. Not only that, but I've also included Grizzled Wizard, because due to Dinomancy's usually useless nature, all these Reno Priests will have a hard time finishing you with Spawn of Shadows. With that tech card, you can either force both players to use Dinomancy, or you can play Deathstalker Rexxar to give your opponent a one-time use of Build-A-Beast at the expense of your opponent having to later deal with a useless Hero Power.

Speaking of DK Rexxar, he's just a good standalone card that complements this deck's transition to later stages of the game. It also removes your Dinomany Hero Power, because while it will have use in this deck, it will eventually wear off and surrender to the power of crafting custom Zombeasts.

The deck can be a bit aggressive early on, but it's more midrange and has more of control tools like [Hearthstone Card (Krolusk Brakstripper) Not Found]. Even Bad Luck Albatross makes an appearance to screw over Reno Priest even more. You can replace one with Eater of Secrets, because Secret Mages are running rampant.

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