Alabaster's Improved Glide Demon Hunter

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It would seem that for Keymaster Alabaster to master Glide, he just needed to do some Illidari Studies... And wow, this meme deck is back with a vengeance in an updated Soul Demon Hunter shell!

When talking with one of our viewers about fun ways to use Keymaster Alabaster, we ended up talking about the Keymaster Alabaster Glide combo we tried right after Scholomance Academy came out, but that it was rather unreliable since you needed a discount from Skull of Gul'dan to hit Alabaster or Glide for it to work. And then, eureka! Illidari Studies means we can cast the combo reliably for just 10 mana... Now, the combo is so much more reliable!

So, the idea is to get Glide to an outcast position (or have it sitting next to Keymaster Alabaster who's in an outcast position), and play Illidari Studies a turn before you hit 10 mana so that on the combo turn you play Alabaster followed by Glide, and both your opponent's hand and your hand will get shuffled for you to draw 4 cards. You'll get 4 1-mana cards from your opponent immediately, and another one once they draw their card at the start of their turn. So, often times, they end up with fewer cards, and you start your next turn with a full hand, including 5 1-mana cards from the opponent!

You do want to hold off on playing Illidari Studies until shortly before the combo turn in case you draw Skull of Gul'dan and want to play it. We tried out a number of different Demon Hunter shells (Lifesteal, Fel, Aggro), but the Soul shell ended up being the most consistent since we do have to stay alive until at least turn 10 and cycle through our hand to get Glide into an outcast position. If you'd like to see the deck in action, we've made 2 gameplay highlight videos you can check out. The first one is at or below, and the second one is at or below, so check them out if you'd like to see the deck in action. Have fun experimenting!


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