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So, while Confection Cyclone has been seeing a lot more play due to the synergy with Elemental Allies, Grand Finale still hasn't made the cut for meta decks. However, we need to see boards full of Exploding Sparklers, so we built this deck as a merger of Small Spell Mana Cyclone Mage and Freeze Mage.

This deck uses a lot of the tools from Small Spell Mage, but includes a few more stall tools like the Frost Nova Doomsayer combo to buy time to build up mana for a Grand Finale turn. Now, with Mana Cyclone and a fair number of cheap spells alongside the elemental draw engine and the Cram Session draw engine, it is certainly possible to overwhelm opponents without Grand Finale, but this opens the door for a semi-reliable Grand Finale finisher.

Just like with other forms of Cyclone Mage, Elemental Allies or Cram Session along with a supporting card or two for each are typically your best mulligan choices. The mid-game challenge is timing the freezes and board clears or power plays with Chenvaala or Mana Cyclone, but for the games that last to turn 7 or 8, if you can drop a Confection Cyclone or mix of the other Elementals to set up, you'll get a really satisfying board of Exploding Sparklers as a Grand Finale. If they have a board clear for that, hopefully you get/got something to help from Mana Cyclone to push the last bit of damage to close out the game.

If you'd like to see the deck in action, we did a highlight with a few games at https://youtu.be/yKvfl5ArXqs, or you can see it below. Have fun experimenting!

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