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Greetings fellow warriors of the light.

In this deck i want to mix up the libram and secret synergies to achive a solid midrange gameplan.

At least five secrets are necessary to have a consistent proc of Cannonmaster Smythe, more than six might be a problem if we hit late game. We can play a little bit with these, maybe Reckoning or the new Galloping Savior are better than Noble Sacrifice.

Now that we have access to Northwatch Commander and Crossroads Gossiper our 3 mana play is kind of safe, so i think Goody Two-Shields is not an auto-include here. Im almost sure that Devout Pupil is our flex spot.

Card swaps to have in consideration:

- 2 Devout Pupil , +1 Libram of Justice, +1 Noble Sacrifice (or Galloping Savior).

- 2 Devout Pupil,  +2 Hand of A'dal.

- 2 Devout Pupil, + 2 First Day of School.

- 2 Libram of Hope, - 1 Lady Liadrim, + 1 Noble Sacrifice (or Galloping Savior), + 2 Libram of Judgment.

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