Pseudo-Charge Demon Hunter

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I've been having a lot of fun with this deck! Haven't kept track of the winrate, but it's definitely positive--I'd guess between 55-60%. The deck's weakness is that it relies on your hero smacking the opponent in the face, so Mage matchups depend on whether they draw Deep Freeze (assuming they make it that far--see below), Clown Druid is another tough matchup if they manage to hit their ramp, and Rally Priest (?!) rezzing watchtowers can ruin your day as well.

Your aim is to draw through most of your deck and finish off the opponent on turns 8 and 9 with a 24-damage TTK using a corrupted Felsteel Executioner (try to corrupt this on 6 and equip it on 7) and toss an Illidari Inquisitor onto the board on turns 8 and 9 for the TTK. Along the way, try to chip the opponent down using the very large number of hero attack buffs in the deck, healing with the Aldrachi Warblades as needed (these are also the primary means of enabling Bladed Lady--equip them on 3 or 4, then buff them the next turn to swing the board).

There are a couple other ways you could build this deck--e.g. using Sigil of Silence and/or Kayn Sunfury to improve the Clown Druid matchup, or throwing in an Il'gynoth to use the Aldrachi Warblades for damage instead of healing. I've found these builds to be a bit too slow and lacking in finishing power, though. You want to be swinging with your hero every turn, and Il'gynoth conflicts with this style of play, since you often want to save the second charge on the Warblades for Il'gynoth. Also, a corrupted Felsteel Executioner allows you to swing for 12 damage over three turns as opposed to 4 damage over 2 turns).

Hope you have as much fun as I have with this deck! I don't anticipate it'll be good for long, but it sure has been enjoyable to shock opponents early in the Barrens meta (I've gotten more pre-game greetings with this deck than ever before)!

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