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Victory or Death!

This is a fun deck which nevertheless has it moments in competetive play on ladder. Everybody and their mother expects Control or Bomb Warrior when they see Garrosh and if RNG-esus is with you and you draw well, you can stomp them before they know what happens. Always keep in mind: we are the aggro deck. Don't play not to lose, play to win.

General Mulligan
Always search for Redband Wasp, Improve Morale, Town Crier and Upgrade!. You can keep Inner Rage or Cruel Taskmaster if you have the wasp.

The nuts are turn 1 coin + Redband Wasp (especially nice to confuse the opponent if they skipped their turn), turn 2 Inner Rage + Rampage for a 9/5 wasp. 

Mech Hunter - we have almost no removal, so you have to clear the board to prevent them from magnetizing into big threats. Try to deal as much face damage as possible anyway, because a venomous missile launcher usually means game over. The best strategy is to use rush minions for board control and go for a big Frothing Berserker and weapons for face damage.
Control Warrior - Kill them fast. Remove Eternium Rovers.
Bomb Warrior - Kill them fast. Remove Eternium Rovers.
Conjurer Mage - Kill them even faster. Don't trade.
Rogue - Kill them fast.

Possible substitutions
If you look closely, Grommash Hellscream probably is too expensive and needs setup to really do harm. You can swap him for a second Argent Commander. A second Militia Commander is an option too, nice target for Rampage the following turn. Maybe an Acolyte of Pain would be nice... draw is very important and it synergizes well with the self-damage / buff cards.

Have fun and Lok'tar ogar!

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