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keep drawing and stall the game.
Once you have Celestial Alignment use it and get more cards/mana with the use of Overflow and Nourish
then play Octosari + Baron Rivendare + Brann Bronzebeard + Silas Darkmoon and Naturalize the Octosari !

with the combo you can mill up to 20 cards (double Octosari deathrattle + double Naturalize + ending the turn= 8+8+2+2+1) so if the opponent has 13 remaining card in the deck it over 30 damage from fatigue!

this is a record game for this combo https://hsreplay.net/replay/fym6n6qZu5whbynPTfekDi (P.S. i didnt have Ultimate Infestation so i used a second Thickhide Kodo which is great to stall a bit more!

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