Menagerie of Corruption Shaman

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With Shaman's buffs failing to bring Thrall back into the meta, we decided to revisit an old archetype (Corrupt) and mix it with more recent takes on Menagerie Control Shaman. And woah, there's a lot of value and burst damage potential packed into this deck. If you're looking for a frighteningly fun way to play Shaman, this is a strong candidate!

So, a few of the fun things bundled into this deck are:
Corruption package: Circus Medic, Dunk Tank, Carnival Clown and Y'Shaarj, the Defiler provide lots of value and burst potential, or some healing and board control if needed.
"Surprise" package: Carnival Clown + Revolve = King Krush, Fizzy Elemental, Rattlegore, and other crazy randomness!
Menagerie: Death's Head Cultist, Claw Machine, Primordial Protector, Alexstrasza the Life-Binder, Darkmoon Rabbit, N'Zoth, God of the Deep, and Totems or random Revolve minions (King Krush coming back from after a Clown Revolve feels great!).
Draw Manipulation: Taelan Fordring and Lorekeeper Polkelt (Lorekeeper feels great to ensure we get the Clowns and their activators, but Taelan is nice stall and targeted draw, so they both make the cut).

And, the rest of the deck is control tools to buy time to pull off the crazy packages bundled into the deck. It's pretty fun, but we did end up with less than a 50% winrate, so only experiment with this one if you're in it for the fun over the wins. :D If you'd like to see the deck in action, we've got a gameplay highlight at or below. Have fun experimenting!

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