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Hello everyone,


Do you like making big dudes? Do you enjoy making control decks without Skulking Geist feel miserable? Do you enjoy dropping down that spreading plague on a board full off 1/1 tokens? Do you enjoy crushing Big Priest, well me too, but unfortunately this deck isn't great against those. It does do all the other things well, and that is generally what you need for a deck to do well in the Meta. This is the deck I used lately and got Legend with last season. With a 62% win rate. Winning 63 games and losing 38.  


In general this is a deck that while it can go infinite with the Jade Idol it doesn't necaserely have to. If you are in a match where the situation requires you to just go for the tempo game by all means don't be afraid to play another Jade. As with any matchups, know the role you fulfil in a certain game. You are not going to play the value game against an Odd Rogue, because you generally don't have to. 


Matchups and Mulligans


This matchup is generally the mirror. The key to winning this is getting ahead with the Jades and getting to play your key cards first. Cards you want: both Jade Blossom Oaken Summons Jade Idol Ultimate Infestation .


When playing hunter you will mostly face mech hunter. Which is probably the biggest SMOrc deck you will encounter. This matchup feels more like a 50/50 it all depends on if you have the answers to deal with the early game threats. Card to keep:Wrath Lesser Jasper Spellstone Oaken Summons Swipe .


Quest Miracle Mage seems to be the to go to mage deck for most people. Their game plan relies on using a lot of pressure once they finish their quest. But it's not an OTK. The best way to beat them is pressure, while at the same time trying to take out some combo pieces they might be forced to play. When you feel like you are in a bad spot it might be a good idea to simply stack armour as it will make it a lot harder for them to burst through your life total. Cards to keep: Jade Blossom Oaken Summons Jade Idol .


When playing against Paladin it will usually be Odd Paladin. This game is almost won or lost depending on Spreading Plague It just shuts them off very fast. Trying to survive is the main objective here. Don't be to greedy with using a[Hearthstone Card (Swipe to) Not Found] to remove some dudes. Because if theyCards to keep: Spreading Plague Swipe Wrath Oaken Summons Keep Jade Blossom if you are on the coin and have a decent enough opening hand. 


This will mostly be Big Priest, which means it will be a very rough matchup. You need to hope that they draw poorly and you draw the nuts. Get the pressure in early. Look for early game pressure in the form of Jade Idol and Jade Blossom If you are facing a lot of these consider teching in a Loatheb .


With the Raiding Party nerf we are seeing a lot less Kingsbane Rogues. Which is good because Odd Rogue is the better matchup. It's an aggro deck that doesn't go as wide as Odd Paladin, but still puts up a decent amound of minions. Cards you want to keep: Swipe Wrath Lesser Emerald Spellstone Oaken Summons .


Both Even Shaman and Murloc Shaman are quite popular. Both like to go wide, but Even shaman has a lot more bigger threats, Murloc Shaman likes to choke you out of the game way faster. These matchup would be great weren't it not for the fact that Devolve exists to hard counter Spreading Plague Try to prioritise removing minions before a naked Spreading Plague So you minimize the risk of getting overrun by large minions after your board got turned to 1 drops. Even though, you still probably want to keep Spreading Plague in your opening hand. Other cards to keep: Oaken Summons Lesser Jasper Spellstone Wrath Jade Blossom .


Usually this will be some form of Control Warlock, most likely Renolock. Although I have seen a few Zoolocks aswell. The latter is just keep your standard anti aggro tool kit. The former keep in mind that they can play Skulking Geist So don't be to greedy with the Jade Idol They also like to keep a full hand, so feel free to punish that with Naturalize. Cards to keep Jade Blossom Oaken Summons and other Jade related cards. Consider keeping Ultimate Infestation when you have ramp and are on the coin. You should win this as they have limited tools. 


This will most likely be Odd Warrior. In which case I would like to congratulate you on your free win. Don't do anything stupid, just play one big threat after another and eventually they should simply lose because you outvalue them. They barely have any threats themselves. Feel Free to once again punish their big hands with Naturalize Keep Jade related things and Ultimate Infestation .


Interesting combo's and tricks

* Poison Seeds + Starfall is a good board clear.

* Poison Seeds + [Hearthstone Card (Speading Plague) Not Found] is a great defense mechanism against a board of strong minions aswell. 

* Getting Archmage Vargoth out of Oaken Summons is insane.

* Hecklebot + Naturalize can be a very strong punish against combo/control and overal greedy decks. 

* The DK card Malfurion the Pestilent gives 5 armour. Which means it helps to charge the Lesser Jasper Spellstone

Tech options and card considerations

I will put down the biggest maybes or interesting choices in the deck here. 

* Nourish Ever since the ramp package nerfs of Druid Nourish has been worse. It curves less nice in certain other cards. However as a one of it is still an interesting option. I  chose that with Ultimate Infestation and [Hearthstone Card (Branching Path) Not Found] you have a decent amount of card draw already. And in favour add other cards that help me keep the game on my side. 

* Loatheb this is a card that can definitely have a home in this deck. Especially if you are facing a lot of quest mage and big priest. Consider swapping one of the Sunreaver Warmage for it. 

* Second Lesser Jasper Spellstone and second Wrath What can I say, I like my milling. So I picked another Naturalize above it. I personaly think the former is better in aggro matchups. Consider removing both Naturalize and add these two if you are facing a lot of aggro. It does have a lower synergy with Hecklebot as it doesn't guarentee a kill. That being said, that shouldn't happen that often in aggro matchups anyway. Unless you are me and have a talent for grabbing your opponents Baku. 

*I picked two Sunreaver Warmage because I like how it can have a huge impact on the board and synergizes well with all the expansive spells in this deck. It is comparable to Arcane Tyrant with it not being discounted. However it can deal 4 damage to anything, posing as both reach and removal. 

* I don't have any Ferocious Howl copies in this deck. Which lowers the armour and draw I take, however I feel like the other cards are simply better in progressing your game plan, and slightly less armour is generally enough. 

If you have anything to add or discuss, feel free to comment! And thank you all for reading!

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