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Goodmorning, afternoon, evening or whatever time it is at your place in the world when reading this. At the moment of writing this DH has been nerfed for the milionth time, galakrond rogue has finally gotten the axe after half a year and Ancharrr has been turned back into a 3 mana 2/3*. (With the use of Corsair Cache ) But what is that there, a nerf to Highlander Mage? What sorcery is that! [Hearthstone Card (Dragoncaster/card] and Dragonqueen Alexstrasza got a nerf! The meta is in shambles after so many nerfs  right? So I got a day off today, weathers absolute Dog S*** so might aswell do some Hearthstone right??? But what should I play.. well I just decided to not care at all roll with Highlander Mage anyway. Trying to answer the age old question: Is it any good? Short answer, yes. I got a 76% win rate with playing my matches ever since the nerfs and freewheeled my way to legend.


Lol I am miserable with trying to get an image to appear. 

So what changed? a bunch of tempo decks got nerfed, which is a definite weak spot of this deck. With Pirate Warrior and Tempo DH weakened you have a better chance on surviving the early game, which sounds quite reasonable right? The thing is, most people are playing Druid, Demon Hunter or Hunter. (Or rather that is what my pocket meta was like) Both Druid and DH like the play 2 Health minions, and this deck is pretty good at dealing with that. So, you must be thinking cool story bro, but what should I actually do. Well for all 4 people who might see this deck I am going to share what I di when facing certain opponents. 


Mulligan guide:

Always keep:

Zephrys the Great , Astromancer Solarian , Also keep a dragon when you have Arcane Breath , which you should also keep. 

Aditionally keep these cards when facing these opponents with the left most being more important:

For DH, Druid, Hunter, Paladin, Rogue, warrior and Shaman

Imprisoned Observer , Overconfident Orc , Ancient Mysteries , Doomsayerand Bone Wraith If you have some of these also keep Reno the RelicologistRolling Fireball or Flame Ward also consider keeping: Ruststeed Raider against DH or Hunter if your hand is decent. It's a good card. Against rogue and Druid you might get away with keeping Arcane Intellect


Against mage, priest and Warlock keep:

Escaped Manasaber [Hearthstone Card (Arcane Intelect) Not Found] Twilight Drake , Reno the Relicologist


This deck shines in the end game, thats where you win the game. (unless your opponent plays Glowfly Swarm into Imprisoned Observer and shame concedes afterwards) against faster deck your goal is to get there but you have to use your resources carefuly. As for the slower matchups, against mage, it's a matter of who gets their juicy cards earlier and who uses them at the right time. Priest is a favourable match up, they can't deal with large threat after large threat. For the people who played last year, it's a very similar matchup as Conjurer's Giant Mage was VS Control Warrior. As for Warlock, pray they don't combo you down. in this matchup You Are The Agressor. 


General tips and thoughts:

*Highlander mage has gotten a really solid early midgame with the addition of Imprisoned Observer , Ruststeed Raider , Overconfident Orc and Astromancer Solarian don't underestimate the use of these cards in any matchup.

*Deep Freeze Cripples DH and is almost always a GG , it can also only be cast on enemies, which means it has great synergy Tortollan Pilgrim 

* Puzzle Box of Yogg-Saron is usually the answer when you have no idea what to do, or when you are behind. 

* Solarian Prime is a better Box.

*Escaped Manasaber is essentially a coin on a stick, plan accordingly

*taking damage is not the end of the world. it is important to recognise when you can take some extra damage and when you have to use removal.

*You win the game by bringing your opponents HP to 0. Play accordingly. A frost nova and and going face with your minions can really win you the match. You are not a fatigue deck.

*This deck has access to the strongest AoE in the game. The Amazing Reno It can and will win you the game. 

*Personally I feel this deck is fine in the removal department, some people opt to use blizzard aswell, but I found it to be to weak. Frankly I feel the removals on a stick in this deck are superior. 

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