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Hey All,


As we enter the United in Stormwind expansion, lets experiment with some previously meta decks and see what's possible with the same deathrattle package we are familiar with today. 

Mulligan Guide:

We want to get on the board as soon as possible so we'll stick with the usual suspects:

Razorboar, Tuskpiercer, Razorfen Beastmaster, Death Speaker Blackthorn and Skull of Gul'dan

Always mulligan away your Persistent Peddlers as you ideally want them to be summoned from Death Speaker Blackthorn.


Our gameplay will be relatively the same as previous deathrattle DH decks with only one difference. We know our Fel spells will be cast again, as soon as we play Jace Darkweaver.


  1. Thin our deck by playing Death Speaker Blackthorn as soon as possible
  2.  Draw all fel spells in the deck thanks to cards like Felgorger
  3. Play Fel spells freely to remove any threats or hit the opponent in the face
  4. Setup lethal by playing Jace Darkweaver, which will gain you ~12 hero attack damage and maybe 4 additional damage if Fel Barrage hits face. (I may add an additional Fel Barrage if it proves to be a good spell.)
  5. If none of that works out for you, you can always fall back to the trusted Illidari Inquisitor lethal. Seeing as we added 2 copies of Felosophy in the hopes of getting more Green Rags

As with all new metas, we know the first few days will be quite fun and interesting and refined decks will have a higher chance to succeed as we experiment with sub-optimal decks. 

For this reason, we know the core deathrattle DH package quite well, just with some extra Fel spells to spice things up 😉

We know roughly the general archetypes classes will be playing. There will probably be some uncertainty on some very specific cases, like how will Shadow Priest play? Regardless, lets try stick to the above game plan as much as possible instead of reacting to our opponents plays. Of course, there will be some exceptions with regards to all Quest decks. 

  • The Quests tell us right away the progress till completion, which gives us a rough timeline on how aggressive we should be
  • If your opponent's quest progress is going quite slow, we have some time to dig through our deck and find our deathrattle minions and draw our fel spells. We'll want to play our big cards like Death Speaker Blackthorn and Skull of Gul'dan as soon as possible. Felosophy could be handy too. 
  • If our opponents quest progress is very close to completion, we want to put pressure on them and their board. Turn to the aggressive approach and hit them in the face and remove their minions with as many Fel spells as possible. Cards like Chaos Strike are very good at adding damage and providing cycle for more pressure. Adding more aggressive pressure makes your opponent want to react to stabilize instead of completing their quest. 

Aside from quest archetypes, we do know certain classes will play more aggro decks than control. For example, you'll generally want to mulligan anti-aggro against hunter and possibly keep cards like Felscream Blast and Felrattler.

I'll definitely be trying this deck out on day 1 and if it doesn't work out, I'll keep making some refinements (unless a streamer/GM beats me to it). Hope you enjoyed my guide and lets all have some fun United in Stormwind!

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