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This is juts fun to play. Got Final Showdown as my free legend from reward track and really like Jace Darkweaver. So now I've combined the two and am doing well climbing.

Goal: Poke down your opponent and stay alive for a big Jace or Lion hit to finish them.

How: Play Fury (Rank 1) at ranks 2 or 3 if you can live that long with extra damage from Fel Barrage or Chaos Strike and hit them hard. With Lion's Frenzy combining it with Glide or a bunch of tradeable cards (especially as deck thins out) you can hit really hard.

Why Quest? Yea the reward (Demonslayer Kurtrus) is not necessary but is still helpful late game. The real reward here is just the discounts you get setting up for Lion into Skull or getting those last Fel spells off before Jace comes down.

Keycards: Guild Trader this card can seriously save your life. The rest of the tradeable cards I'm refining. This will stay. Getting that extra life of a Felscream Blast or Chaos Leech is necessary against faster opponents. Not to mention kill shots when they get low with Fel Barrage.

Glide is just your bread and butter. You need this to complete your quest quick enough. Also great disruption to more controlling opponents. Glide also keeps cards in your deck. This makes Demonslayer Kurtrus better and also can bring your deck down to just tradeable cards for a big Lion late.

Irebound Brute Just an amazing threat and can come down quite early. 

Safety Inspector this card looks funny but being able to put back Fury (Rank 1) or manipulate your hand for outcast is so important. This little guy helps a lot and can top of a quest or fish for those Fel Spells right before a Jace turn!

Headmaster Kel'Thuzad Mostly for fun but he can create some extra threats with Chaos Leech or Felscream Blast that your opponent has to deal with. With the discounts from quest he is fairly easy to combine for some interesting steals.

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