Nozdormu Necrium Dragon Rogue

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Just the regular stuff. Necrium Apothecary draw Deathwing, Dragonlord then you activate it's deathrattle with Necrium Blade and you have full board of dragons.

Interesting new combo that became available with Stormwind is coin coin Necrium Apothecary on 2 and then Draw Necrium Blade with Sketchy Information on 3 for early combo (the draw of blade is guaranteed because it is your only cheap deathrattle card)

Also now that we have Sketchy Information to draw the weapon we don't need cheap minions anymore so Witchwood Piper is guaranteed to draw Necrium Apothecary

Anka, the Buried is backup plan if you draw Deathwing too early

Secret Passage you want to play in situation when you will have 4 mana leftover in order to be able to play Necrium Apothecary from it

Door of Shadows was added because it is a draw card that can tutor the Sketchy Information and also a draw that doesn't risk drawing into Deathwing, Dragonlord, you don't really aim to infuse it

Nozdormu the Eternal actually plays a role in this deck not just day 15 quest thing, it is a chunky dragon for the combo.

In mulligan you want Necrium Blade (or Sketchy Information that draws it) and Necrium Apothecary (or Witchwood Piper that draw it) If you have both combo pieces then it is fine to keep bigger minions just to make srue that Deathwing, Dragonlord stays in the deck (or Keep Anka, the Buried for contingency too if you have both combo pieces)

With TITANS we now have Gear Shift to shuffle Deathwing, Dragonlord back into deck if he is on the left of the hand

included Soridormi from the caverns just in case of a whiff but match up is slow enough that you don't die...

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Card changes 1 week ago (Late August 2023 Balance)

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    I just want to comment on one of my favorite decks. It almost wins every time if you don't draw Deathwing. But other than that, if opponent doesn't have board clear, it's almost always concede or death.


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