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At its core, this deck is essentially a Taunt Druid build, the likes we've seen from months back. The new addition to the mix is Overkill and [Hearthstone Card (BEEES!!!) Not Found], which gives this deck a whole new reach.

The combos are like this:

With Emperor Thaurissan, play Linecracker, then two [Hearthstone Card (BEEES!!!) Not Found] both targeting Linecracker, then play two Earthen Scales targeting Linecracker to gain 1280 Armor. Compounded with the decks huge defensive tools, that's going to be very hard for most decks to deal with.

You can also use Linecracker offensively, obviously. Behind a wall of taunts, 10 damage is a lot to deal to a minion, and a lot of decks can struggle with that. [Hearthstone Card (BEEES!!!) Not Found] allows for an obvious TTK, as alluded to above.

A problem with Taunt Druid in the past is supplying a large amount of damage against decks that can eat through the wall pretty easily. Ironhide Direhorn theoretically offers help here, though once the deck becomes actually playable, I might be taking them out to improve Witching Hour and add an alternative, like Sylvanas Windrunner.

I'm not planning to play Ultimate Infestation because this deck easily plays 1 card max per turn for several turns and has sufficient card draw already.

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