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If you played wild, I'm sure you've seen your fair share of "Getting killed by Drek'Thar at turn 5" decks from the likes of mage and shaman.
Well, I'm here to introduce a new member to the family: Inner Fire Priest!

Note that this is theorycrafted. You can make a version of this deck without the new cards from FiAV but I picked Vandarr so I'll have to try it later.

Drek'Thar Card ImageGnomeregan Infantry Card ImageRadiant Elemental Card Image

If you pull gnome and Lemmy from your Drek'Thar, all you have to do is play all of your spells in your hand that costs zero, buff the living shit out of the gnome, and then Inner Fire for the kill. An additional discount from Palm Reading is advised though.

Wave of Apathy Card ImagePotion of Madness Card Image

Didn't pull the gnome? Don't worry! Just use your opponent's minion by using the two-card combo above. Heck, your opponent might even have a bigger minion than the gnome so sometimes you would rather go for your opponent's minions instead.

Gift of the Naaru Card ImageShadow Word: Devour Card ImageBless Card Image

The new cards fron FiAV are quite good.

  • The wild meta is aggressive enough to the point where Gift of the Naaru will always draw you a card.
  • The power of Shadow Word: Devour have the potential to give an insane amounts of health to a minion, supplementing the Inner Fire combo.
  • Bless is pretty much an additional Inner Fire. The small +2 attack is quite significant enough where I would put it in this deck.

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