Untamed Midrange Hunter

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There is negative synergy between Untamed Beastmaster and Master's Call, I know. However, with the amount of beasts the deck runs, especially after casting one or two Dire Frenzy's, it rarely happens that you have to choose between 2 beasts and Beastmaster.

I usually manage to pull it off and once I even had a Beastmaster on the board when playing Zul'jin, which won me the game.

It's a straightforward midrange hunter. You build up pressure controlling the board and use your Rush minions to clear any threats. The double Deadly Shot I found necessary with the amount of big magnetized Mechs you run into, let alone the Giants you face. Marked Shot is kind of a flex spot here; it can be easily replaced by cards that generate more pressure or can close out games, like Leeroy Jenkins, Dire Wolf Alpha or even an extra Tracking. I considered putting in Kill Command, but that one tended to bite me in the ass on the Zul'jin turn.

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