Control Hunter [FiA] [Theorycraft].

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1) You need to compleate first step of the quest BEFORE playin' Tavish Hero Card

2) 2nd (0 cost hero power) and 3rd (refreshin' hero power) steps you must complete AFTER playin Tavish Hero Card.

3) so now you can summon free "animal companions" and refresh it by plain' spells (not infinite not imba combo  its not otk or combo deck).


Spammy Arcanist Card Image

its may be best neutral board clear like good ol'

Defile Card Image


5) Hunter cant draw. 0 cards hand. Well lets see how good is

Multicaster Card Image

Our cards schools is 

Arcane Shot Card Image

Explosive Trap Card Image

Revive Pet Card Image

Freezing Trap Card Image


4 Schools. This card draw 4 cards. we have arcane, frost, fire and nature.


Mountain Bear Card Image

Pack Tactics Card Image


7) dies to silence, removals, sap, sheep, hex:

yes like any other deck.

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