[Wild] Reno OTK Pally ( Ft. Nozdormu the Timeless )

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So. New Paladin legendary - Sir Finley of the Sands - is for Highlander decks. And it just so happens that one of my favorite decks in a whole game is a Reno Pally. In Wild, of course. And it even utilizes another Finley - Sir Finley Mrrgglton . Why? Because 2 mana 1/1 is useless for control deck, and chance to roll a 1/3 life tap is sweet.

Therefore I decided to share my decklist for anyone who is interested in this archetype, and maybe give some tips for which cards to choose.

First and foremost - this is a competitive deck, but it aint tier 1. You can run more optimized non-Reno OTK Pally decks, but I believe my version is among best Reno versions. Second - by the nature of a Highlander, a lot of cards can be substituted and swapped, and if you dont have something and dont know what to add instead- I ll be happy to help.

I have tried a lot of variations of Highlander Paladin, but all heavilly control - oriented variations just never had enough card slots left for value to kill anyone, so I stopped at OTK variation. Game plan - draw all the cards, dont die in a process. Main combo is to bounce 2 tokens of Uther of the Ebon Blade and then use a Garrison Commander, but we have some redundancy with combo pieces, so any combination of bounce effects can be used, plus you are less vulnerable to Dirty Rat. And bounce effects synergise great with Reno and such. Also you can pull off a Holy Wrath + Shirvallah, the Tiger + Baleful Banker combo. Just for some style points, if you want to run Holy Wrath.


Some questionable card choises:

Nozdormu the Timeless Card Image

I swear he is good in this deck. Your cards are very powerful, but they are also expensive as hell, and sometimes dropping Uther on turn 5 is straight up gg.

Avenging Wrath Card Image

Food for Shirvallah, the Tiger AND single target removal, which is a weakness of Pally, so we take what we have here.

Sanctuary Card Image

2 mana 3/6 taunt. Nuff had spoken.


Everything else is pretty much card draw, life gain, removal and combo pieces. Dirty Rat is 30th tech card slot, adjust according to meta.


[ SoU Edit ] Sadly, after full expansion revealed,only 2 cards seem fit for my deck - new Sir Finley of the Sands and Zephrys the Great. (Edit: Subdue is actually better than Aldor Peacekeeper/Keeper of Uldaman, so 3) After some thinking, I have decided to run both versions of Finley, because new version cant be tutored easily, unlike the old one. I mean, you can run Murloc Tastyfin and add something like Murloc Knight, Hydrologist or Coldlight Oracle, but I feel like it ll be too slow and not really worth it, although I will try it. (Edit: I was right)


[ DOD Edit] Nozdormu the Timeless is MVP of the set for Pally. Amber Watcher is too good not to run, and I really like Sanctuary in this deck.

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    Posted 4 years, 2 months ago

    I like it, and i happen to have most of the pieces (barred the new ones ofc).

    However, isn't the bouncing OTK too slow?

    Isn't the version with Auctionmaster Beardo more reliable, before the game gets out of control (referring in particular to Quest Mage, but also Secret Mage in the incoming meta)?

    • Stock's Avatar
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      Posted 4 years, 2 months ago

      Well, yes? And no? This deck is not an OTK DK with Reno in it. It is a Reno deck with OTK win condition, if that makes sense.

      Banana Buffoon + Emperor Thaurissan + Auctionmaster Beardo combo with full draw deck is definitely faster and more reliable. However, when building a Reno Pally, I ve come to the conclusion that Uther OTK is just best wincon against Control, since deck bullies aggro anyway. And Combo... I guess you can throw in some Dirty Rats and such, I just never felt the need to do so.

      • RavenSunHS's Avatar
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        Posted 4 years, 2 months ago

        Ah, i see the point, yes. OTK as an option, but the deck is focused against Aggro, it makes sense.

        Well, even better, since i do not own Beardo haha!


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