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This deck is intended to complete the Upside Down and Turned Around achievement, although you will probably also get some ticks on It Cost Me... Nothing while doing it. The payoff is drawing Brann Bronzebeard, Ambassador Faelin, Sir Finley, Sea Guide, and Azsharan Defector using Abyssal Depths. These are the only minions you run in the deck so they will be the only things you can draw with Depths. Everything else in the deck is intended to help draw to either the minions or the Abyssal Depths. Try to plan out drawing your minions on turns that you complete a questline tick so that you get a discount on them. A discounted Spectral Sight and Acrobatics may also be needed to get your hand back up to size. If everything has worked out well, you can get the achievement done on 8 mana. Make sure your opponent has a minion on board that you can crash the Defector into and put his deathrattle minion on the bottom of the deck. This should be done after drawing all your minions, but before making the Brann/Faelin turn. Next turn play Brann and Faelin to add 6 more Colossal minions to the bottom. Make sure you get your hand size back up to 8 before you play Finley. If you are worried about dying before you get another turn, play the Finley now and he will double swap your hand with the bottom of the deck. The achievement will still count, even if you end up with your original hand at the end of it. If you can afford to wait, let your opponent kill Brann on their turn and play the Finley on your next turn.

I was able to get this done in one try, but I think I was a little bit lucky in matching against a slow opponent deck. I also noticed with the bottom of deck mechanic, that Sir Finley, Sea Guide puts your cards on bottom in reverse order of how they were originally in your hand.

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