NEW 100% WINRATE TO LEGEND DH DECK AFTER NERFS! Voyage to the Sunken City | Hearthstone

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NEW 100% WINRATE TO LEGEND DH DECK AFTER NERFS! Voyage to the Sunken City | Hearthstone

It was beyond broken BEFORE nerfs! Muligan: keep the cheap cards and muligan the expensive ones. The goal for this deck is to click on the green cards and drag the cursor to opponent's face and you will win the game, gg and congrats no are are a grandmaster and you just won ten tournaments with zero effort whatsoever for free and easily. I am joking, but it feels like it. Good luck to find a Priest opponent since it has 1% winrate lol.

My poor opponent that had to see this awful class and deck *new* Blizzard made people, ewwww:

00:00 Mech Paladin

05:43 Mech Paladin ( What else do you want to see? just one deck per class )

08:14 Fel Demon Hunter

10:37 Selfish Priest

13:05 Face Naga Hunter

16:20 Mech Mage What Else?

19:06 Broke Mirror Game Naga Face DH

Deck code:

### Naga Demon Hunter # Class: Demon Hunter # Format: Standard # Year of the Hydra # # 2x (1) Battlefiend # 2x (1) Dreadprison Glaive # 2x (1) Fury (Rank 1) # 2x (1) Irondeep Trogg # 2x (1) Multi-Strike # 2x (1) Vicious Slitherspear # 2x (2) Battleworn Vanguard # 2x (2) Chaos Strike # 2x (2) Spectral Sight # 1x (3) Lady S'theno # 2x (3) Predation # 2x (3) Pufferfist # 2x (3) Traveling Merchant # 1x (4) Drek'Thar # 2x (5) Bone Glaive # 1x (5) Need for Greed # 1x (6) Kurtrus, Demon-Render # AAECAZvoAwTIgAS7igSHiwT7vwQNwvEDivQDhI0Etp8EyZ8E0p8EtKAE4aQEirAEjrAEiLIEtbMEmLoEAA== # # To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in Hearthstone #ChristianHearthstone #VoyagetotheSunkenCity #Hearthstone

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