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Well. Now deck balanced. OTK based on MarkMcKz's King Krush OTK

all other cards are just for board or heal (and yes Sir Finley Mrrgglton can give u Warlock or Warrior Hero Power)

PLS DO NOT ADD More Beasts or u will wait for dat combo forever...

How OTK Works? (at first it looks like Charge Warrior but dmg cap on 32 dmg)

1) King Krush ded.

2) play ACTIVE Twinbow Terrorcoil

Next Steps are OTK - do it in 1 turn

3) play Revive Pet under effect of Twinbow Terrorcoil it summons 2x beasts (ITS ALWAYS King Krush)

4) Summon 2x King Krush and place between them Battleground Battlemaster -Go face for 32 dmg.

So Its like Charge Warrior.

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