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So hopefully the game slows down this expansion between aggro and combo decks just drawing as fast as possible since alot of their tools are rotating out. Haven't seen all the card reveals yet so will be adjusting this as necessary.

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  • CyberLynx07's Avatar
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    Posted 4 years, 8 months ago

    I'm also looking forward to a potential dragon paladin this expansion, but I think it's definitely more of a controlling archetype. Nozari really does not want to be in a midrange/aggressive build, it wants to be in a control build. As such, I think this deck is kinda pulling in the wrong direction. The mech package in this is kinda random and doesn't really help at all, the Glass Knight is random, and this is certainly not the place for Da Undatakah. Honestly, I think the best option is just to cut those and opt for more controlling cards. The main issue with the deck as it is right now is that it's pulling itself in way too many directions. If you want a midrange/aggressive build, cut Nozari, cut Da Undatakah, cut the mechs, and run stuff like Faerie Dragon, Nightmare Amalgam, and Crowd Roaster. In an archeptype like that, Ysera would work much better as a late-game large dragon than Nozari. What I'm trying to say is that the deck needs to decide what it wants to do and commit strongly to it, cut the random heal, mech, and deathrattle packages. Hopefully this doesn't sound too harsh, I'm just trying to help. glhf :)

  • Emptyness's Avatar
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    Posted 4 years, 8 months ago

    What is the point of Da Undatakah, if you have only Loot hoarders and Bronze heralds as a deathrattles. Bronze herald is okay, but I think Da Undatakah can give his spot to something more useful, or at least add mechano egg or something.

  • forgloryus's Avatar
    Design Finalist 305 87 Posts Joined 03/22/2019
    Posted 4 years, 8 months ago

    honestly it's just filler till i see more 1/3 drops from the expansion. just as i'd probably won't run glowstone either. It's more of an idea and a page for me to edit so day 1 i can hop into it from the get go.

  • Elvaeyn's Avatar
    Darkmaster 280 91 Posts Joined 03/24/2019
    Posted 4 years, 8 months ago

    What's the purpose of running the Redemption + Commander Rhyssa package in this? The only minions in the deck that could really benefit from that would be Annoy-o-Module and The Glass Knight (and maybe Crystalsmith Kangor as well but it almost seems unnecessary to do that.)

    Edit: and Zilliax, didn't see him at first


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