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This is a work in progress 

I think the idea is to play a bunch of token generator cards to fill your hand with Lackeys.  Then profit by playing Mountain Giant or swarm the board and play the Sea Giant

Hopefully you can stall long enough to get off a good sized Togwaggle's Scheme on a Giant.  

If not you'll have to decide which minion to target as you progress.  

Each one has it's own purpose -  

- Gral, the Shark -  Card draw and possible big sticky minion

- Jepetto Joybuzz - minion draw

- Hench-Clan Burglar - Spell generator

- Gadgetzan Auctioneer will hopefully help you generate card draw 

- Batterhead  - help with board clears

- [Hearthstone Card (Travelling Healer) Not Found] - Cheaper than Zilliax

- Hecklebot -  disrupt combo decks

- Saronite Taskmaster -  disrupt resurrection or early aggro

- EVIL Miscreant - Lackeys

- EVIL Cable Rat - Lackeys


I think I need to bring the Power level down a bit.  I'm going to keep reviewing and try and add in a few lower cost spells or Lackey generators.  

Hopefully as more cards are released I can find some cheaper generators.  


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    Posted 4 years, 6 months ago

    I feel that Gadgetzan Auctioneer and Academic Espionage don't have a place in this deck. There aren't many cards that have synergy with Gadgetzan Auctioneer, and Academic Espionage can just clunk up your Gral, the Shark if it shuffles small, useless minions into your deck.

    Jepetto Joybuzz looks like a weird choice because while you may get value out of drawing [Hearthstone Card (Gral, the Shak) Not Found], [Hearthstone Card (Heistbaron Towaggle) Not Found], Sunfury Protector or Gadgetzan Auctioneer if you decide to keep it in the deck, you lose out a lot on drawing anything else. Like, who wants to draw a 1/1 Giant or a 1/1 Batterhead? As for the other minions, you want to keep their stats for trade power/face damage.

    If you decide to play that many Hecklebot, I would suggest you to play Zilliax because of the magnetic synergy. I would also suggest you to play another Unidentified Contract to kill whatever comes out of the Hecklebot.

    The other cards that I find shaky are [Hearthstone Card (Towaggle's Scheme) Not Found], [Hearthstone Card (Travelling Healer) Not Found] and Batterhead... especially [Hearthstone Card (Towaggle's Scheme) Not Found], since 1) you have no good draw engine to generate 1-2 Giants per turn; 2) you have no way of dropping 1-2 Giants per turn in the early-to-mid game; 3) dropping one Giant per turn doesn't generate much tempo most of the time. I would count them as placeholders for the moment, see what other cards Blizzard has to offer.


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