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And why is that? Well, why play with some of the cards... when you can play with ALL of them!


Also I regularly get people adding me on the ranked ladder asking for the deck code so I figured this would be nice to have handy. I have climbed to Diamond 5 with it, but yes it is of course an underdog story. If you are looking for rewarding wins you are in the right place.


I have been playing exclusively Thief Rogue for over a year now. It offers the most fun and challenging gameplay so much so that when a new expansion comes out I have no interest in playing anything new- I'm just excited to see what new cards will be in my drops.


This deck plays different to other Thief Rogues in that we try to eliminate most factors of chance on our cards that will be repeated by Contraband Stash and Ms. Greymane. There are a few ways to multiply the Stashes (Hero card, Shadow of Demise, Azshara treasure, etc) but ultimately we are out to play a Tess -who does not off herself- and multiply as many copies as we can so that all those carefully selected cards from other classes we played will give our opponents nightmares from the repeated explosions.


The deck can hold its own versus any deck but will lose to aggro with a bad draw or to late game value decks that simply put their plan together quicker. However, any deck can be beat and beyond that this is for fellow Hearthstone players that are tired of the same old thing. Infinite replay value is an understatement here.



# 1x (0) Preparation

If you are feeling lucky you can include the 4 mana 2/2 and Jackpot. Personally I got tired of the garbage that would accumulate and you will notice that this deck relies more on the discover pool to get the pieces needed to replay actually good cards. Prep works fine for cheating out a big cost spell as well as for general tempo.

# 1x (0) Shadow of Demise

If you are looking to cut a card from this list, SoD is a good choice. I personally like it for its versatility of doubling Recon or Dragon's Hoard not to mention any other class card I find that would be impactful twice e.g. Mind Blast.


# 1x (0) Shadowstep

Not nerfed yet! Similar to SoD this is simply to double up. I often use it on Sketchy Stranger fishing for one of the strong Mage secrets.

# 1x (1) Dragon's Hoard

Surprisingly dependable in finding something good. The pool of Class Legendaries is so vast that's there's always something good.

# 1x (1) Gone Fishin'

Another that could be cut but it seems to help the curve and to obtain other pieces. Basically makes the deck 29 cards.

# 1x (1) Hallucination

Even against fellow Rogues it's fine. Perhaps the least dependable it still lets you control what the late game explodes in.

# 1x (1) Sir Finley, Sea Guide

Like GF this is to get our Collosals but it also doubles in cleaning up bad draws. TIP: when in Hollow form it will shuffle a copy of itself to the bottom of the deck which believe it or not can be useful.

# 1x (1) Togwaggle's Scheme

Welcome to the gimmick. All this work is leading up to shuffling multiple copies of Tess into the deck for maximum value and explosions. The back up to this in case it can't find Tess can be Azshara: along with the shuffle 5 spell it adds up to a lot of value. That or a high value enemy wincon.

# 1x (1) Wand Thief

Although she can whiff the pool of mage spells is good enough that this card will find you something one-sided most of the time. As far as card-draw goes you really don't want to add too much since late game the deck tends to have full hands (take card draw as a last resort in other words).

# 1x (2) Lab Recruiter

This chap really has to be here. I played the deck too long depending only on Scheme and it was too inconsistent. LR works to alleviate the pressure of shuffling and at the worst 3 more is fine. Fine to play for tempo or occasionally on high value units like Sketchy.

# 1x (2) Potion Belt

Amazing toolbag of a card. Always keep in mulligan. For any longer games/ not mill opponent I always try for the Draw 2, Add 1 mix.

# 1x (2) Reconnaissance

I used to run two of these, they are so good. However now I find that one is fine. One day I will get around to writing an entire tier list of the best deathrattle, mage spells, secrets, etc for this deck.

# 1x (2) Serrated Bone Spike

Tempo and to keep our hand tidy. It's just such a great card. You may opt to even put Ransack in.

# 1x (2) Sketchy Stranger

My bae. Naturally we shoot for the Mage secrets: Counterspell and Objection! (and Oh My Yogg) can be seen as, 'opponent discards X cards' over the course of the game so those are no brainers. Iceblock is of course criminally insane once multiple Tesses are on deck. Put priority on getting good value on Getaway Kodo, Maneuvers, Pack Tactics and the like.

# 1x (2) Stolen Steel

Here's a surprising one! But that steep 2 mana investment is VERY worth it when you consider a few of the broken weapons to repeatedly be equipping next to free: Quel the Hunter weapons gives minions +1/+1 wherever they are, Rinley's Rifle can keep you on permant Evasion, and Twig of the World Tree will net you 28 mana every turn since it breaks itself and if you dagger after o.O this spell let's us not waste our Zephrys on Tirion as well.

# 1x (2) The Lobotomizer

Laugh if you like but this card is awesome. First off, Druids are out there and most of them play Jades. This card singlehandedly keeps you from dying to fatigue there. Beyond that, just look at it like this: was Fiery War Axe a good card at 2 mana? This is nearly that but you get to draw two usually good cards. It's better than OG war axe...

# 1x (2) Tooth of Nefarian

Just another of our toolbags to get the spells that we want our CS and Tess to be repeating.

# 1x (2) Zephrys the Great

As soon as you draw a Contraband Stash your Reno and ZtG are online. Typically you will want to use them in the late game so it willalmost always work out. Zephrys is a pain in the ass a lot of times. It's amazing the times he refuses to offer Blizzard which is usually the best choice. Flamestrike is easier and one of the 4 mana deal 2 to enemies is even easier. Don't sleep on the 3 mana Deal 2 to 2 with Lifesteal DH spell. If playing against Pal you should save to Ooze their broken shield. If you are a madman feel free to get Jaraxxus so that Tess will also repeat your Rogue cards XD

# 1x (3) Sunfury Clergy

Absolutely necessary. We are trying to get to the late game so heals are our friends.

# 1x (4) Ambassador Faelin

There are games where you cannot seem to fill the board with the recasts. AF gives us a lot of powerful options. There are multiple ways to get a hold of your Collosals. One good one is to shuffle spells in with Azshara. Priest's Warlock's Shaman's and Paladin's seem to be the most useful in that order.

# 1x (4) Hench-Clan Burglar

As you can see we are very pedantic on getting the right materials to enable our maximum explosions. This is best in the early game so you may even consider keeping it as the 4 mana in late can inhibit something crucial you need to play.

# 1x (4) Spice Bread Baker

Nom nom gimme dat bred

# 1x (4) Vendetta

Excellent tempo. Handy on 9 mana to play Valeera and throw out two of these.

# 2x (5) Contraband Stash

Baby Tess. Should you pack two? I do. There's certainly an argument not to, but being that this is the basket that this deck is putting all their eggs into as a win condition it only makes sense to double up. When to play them is a lot of the fun of this deck. I highly reccomend having Firestone so that when you scroll over it or Tess in the list it will display which cards it can replay.

# 1x (5) Queen Azshara

Love her and almost always keep in the mulligan. Furthermore, I almost always pick the 4th option to shuffle 5 spells and draw two. With SoD or the Hero Card you can even shuffle more. The first choice I used to use a lot in standard for extra CS and, yes, it is some snappy value (against aggro this might bea good call). The second choice is only for leathal, it's less than 1% the right pick. The trendy Collosal is the second best pick when you are hurting for board for your recasts. Personally I hate it because there's a 3 in 14 chance that you get one that cannot be repeated.

# 1x (6) Reno Jackson

We're going to get them to ditch!

# 1x (6) Vanish

I used to run Scabbs but it pales in comparison to the value Valeera gives. Vanish does the panic button just the same with none of the overlap.

# 1x (7) Tess Greymane

Our Queen. The most important thing to remember is that Tess MUST not delete herself. That means that any card that can do that is best not played before she gets at least a few duplicates in the deck. This includes Hex, Evolve, Fireball, Twisting Nether, and the like. Unless it's an absolute emergancy do not take these cards or at least play them yet before the prime objective is complete. Nothing beats seeing what crazy cards you found and treating your opponent to a lengthy fireworks show..

# 1x (9) Valeera the Hollow
It's our dodge card and our value monster. As per usual it combos well with vanish but even moreso it allows Contraband Stash to be cast twice. If your spells are on point the value you are putting out from this won't be addressable. Aim to end the turn with 8 cards if u used the Hero Power, 9 cards if u did not.

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    If you shuffle Tess, then Reno will not work anymore

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      Reno is a tool to get us there! If you shuffle the Tesses and she has the cards to back it up, Reno is not needed


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