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I've had A LOT of success for the last couple months with this Discolock list in ranks 5-1, it is definitely legend-viable but I don't have the time/will for that atm. It is based on Roffle's budget list that was posted long ago, I just made a couple modifications.

Super fun deck to play and really aggresive, you never really run out of gas because you are constantly drawing and playing cards if you know what you're doing.

Is The Soularium mandatory? No, but it's great. It gets the job done quite often, letting you find your finisher or simply synergizing with the other Discard cards.

Mulligan for Felstalker, 1-2 drops and Silverware Golems. Don't be afraid of discarding a big card, you can draw more threats. Malchezaar's Imps are your MVPs, so use them wisely.

Most match-ups are favorable since you often have a stronger early game than most aggro decks out there. Of course, there is not much to do when you get Barnes + Statue on T4 or tons and tons of Druid defensive plays, but you already know how an aggro deck is supposed to work. There is one silence in the list and it has proven its usefulness several times. Control is definitely winnable if you have a good start.

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