Badlands Sludge OTK

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Hello all

This OTK works with the new Barrel of Sludge card.

The idea is to create 10 or more of these in your deck, then use Steamcleaner to instantly fire them to the opponents face for the OTK.

To achieve the OTK you first need to have a Disposal Assistant die during the game to ensure the deathrattle is availabe for Tamsin's Phylactery, then you would need to get some mana discount on the combo pieces: Tamsin Roame, Steamcleaner,Tamsin's Phylactery, Wicked Shipment and Plague of Flames. This can be done with either Emperor Thaurissan or Runed Mithril Rod and if all combo pieces are held in hand, one tick of either should be enough.

You also need to trade Wicked Shipment at least 3 times to have it summon 6 imps.

It is important to have a full board, since it will maximize the number of sludges and ensure that all the opponents minions are dead and make the sludges hit face.

The OTK goes as follows:

  1. Tamsin Roame
  2. Wicked Shipment
  3. Tamsin's Phylactery x2
  4. Plague of Flames
  5. Steamcleaner



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