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Well , this is my first Take on a "new" Secret/Burn Mage. 

The Gameplan should be pretty clear - burn down your opponent. The Damge Spells like Fireball should almost always go face - almost everything should go face in this deck :)

Sure you can make some wise trades or Frostbolt a minion but be carefull , because the resources in this Deck are not that high. Think about when to play which Secret and try to keep some secrets as Back up so Cloud Prince can shoot 6 damage which also can go face.

A plain and simple Secret/Burn Mage using some new Cards.

Needs more testing before i can say anything about winrate, replacements etc. 

Mulligans are also not defined right now - the only thing - do not play counterspell if your opponent has the coin ! As i said , think about what could come up next and choose wisely - a good played Mirror Entity can give you nice minions for example.


Will test this one more and when i have more Infos etc , i will update the Guide!

Good Luck and Have fun!


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