Speedrunning Mecha'thun

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Deck goal is to draw your whole deck and play a discounted Mecha'thun. Thanks to the discount, you can then either Backstab, Eviscerate or Vendetta it.

The quest (Bazaar Burglary) might seem odd, as you want to empty your hand and draw new cards. It has several uses though:

- Against control, you are sometimes the beatdown. This thing goes face very well.
- It allows you to trade 'up'; your small minion + weapon charge for their larger minion.
- Against prolonged aggro games, you need the "healing" it provides (eliminating minions so they can't go face). 
- Bloodmage Thalnos + Eviscerate or Vendetta + weapon charge = dead Giant for 6 mana.

Deck guidelines:

* Mulligan for draw and card generation. Never mull the quest.
* You might discover Myra's from the Lackeys. It's generally not good; don't blindly take it.

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