Garrote Fatigue Rogue

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Guide is Object to change after Play-Testing

This deck aim's to get fatigue as fast as possible to end the game with Bleeds from Garrote with the help of Cornelius Roame's card draw engine.

Since Cornelius Roame makes you draw an additional card at end of turn, The combo at 10 mana with an empty deck is;

Cornelius Roame + Garrote + Garrote = 16 dmg

That 16 damage must be the finisher so we need to deal damage at the fatigue road and also we need to control the board as much as possible. I honestly think that we can use the ability of Goldshire Gnoll at early game with combos like Sketchy Information + Loan Shark and Foxy Fraud + Swindle. Holding those Coins also may help to recover high value of health with Spice Bread Baker.

I've thought that Secret Passage may help to thin the deck quicker but not so sure about that so if you don't have the card or you think that it cannot help, you may replace them with 2x Wand Thief. I didn't put Wand Thiefs to core deck because the fatigue combo needs to use the cards that starts in your deck more and discovering more cards slows that process in my opinion but you may use them also because it also helps to get more value from Spice Bread Baker + Goldshire Gnoll.

The deck uses cards like Death's Head Cultist and Lion's Guard to be able to survive against aggro decks. While Death's Head Cultistalso helps to get some value from Sketchy Information also, Lion's Guard might really help when you can't find your healer cards against aggro decks.

I'm also not so sure to use Preparation in this deck. If you would replace Secret Passages, consider replacing Preparation with 1x Coerce or Royal Librarian.


Well, Since the theme of this expansion is Questlines and the process of Questlines seems slow, this deck might be good against them and I want to give it a try because i don't see any more use of Garrote than fatigue and it fits best to fatigue decks for burst damage at the end of the game with drawing all copies of Bleeds. I wish this kind of a deck would be succesful on next meta because Warlocks that mills the deck really tired me at last months of the Hearthstone and now Warlocks have no fatigue damage with their new questline. Let's get fatigue before them to end them quicker than they think.


I don't think any other starting hand than; 1x Foxy Fraud, 1x Swindle, 1x Brain Freeze/Sketchy Information/Backstab/Goldshire Gnoll
holding 1x Goldshire Gnoll might help at mid-game to control the board.

Try not to hold Loan Shark at your mulligan because Sketchy Information is better to draw Loan Shark than Death's Head Cultist so holding that quillboar at your hand is better for beginning of the game.

Try not to use Garrote before you empty your deck unless you need only 2 damage to go lethal. Doing that will be bad especially against the decks that can heal themselves. We need Garrote's burst damage with drawing Bleeds at the same time.

Garrote might be used in an aggro/tempo deck to push the damage more also, but this isn't that kind of a deck.

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  • JMerald's Avatar
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    Posted 2 years, 7 months ago

    So why does this need Cornelius? Shouldn't any draw spell do the trick?

    • Almaniarra's Avatar
      Devoted Outlander 930 1413 Posts Joined 03/21/2019
      Posted 2 years, 7 months ago

      Yeah, no need for it. I would change the guide and cards when I got the time. Gadgetzan Auctioneer is better with coins anyways but I will stick with my version, just don't like Octo-bot version.

  • FieselFitz's Avatar
    Prince Charming 1105 1355 Posts Joined 05/29/2019
    Posted 2 years, 7 months ago

    Very interesting deck idea - haven't seen anything like that in the theorycrafting streams etc. 

    Will try this one!


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