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Hi folks, felt like sharing this deck I've been tearing up wild ranked with.  I've been out of the wild game for a while so I started on rank 20.  In 2 days I've climbed to 7.  Normally you can wrap up the game on turn 6-8.  Rarely do you ever see turn 10.  The lack of card draw is for a simple reason, you don't need it.  There's so much in the ways of tutoring up those spells that you'll be slamming through the deck.  Iceblock may seem like a weird addition for an aggrocentric deck but it's purpose is important... untriggered secrets are essential to pumping up your minions.  Many times the proper move is to lead with Iceblock off your Kabal Lackey so you can start triggering those battlecries instead of some easily triggered secret like Explosive Rune or Mirror Image that will yield a tiny minion early game.  

Most of the time you'll want to concentrate on going face, trading is for suckers. However use those battlecry damage cards to clear off any minions your opponent can use to trade themselves.  Cloud Prince is the perfect finisher for getting past those taunts.  Last tip is for Counterspell.  This is the top cause of opponents rage quitting when used right.  Their board clear spells and healing pff on out leaving only a huddling mass of despair behind.  HAVE FUN!

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    Posted 4 years, 1 month ago

    Variations of this deck are rampant on EU ladder and its quite disgusting.

    • Trollbert's Avatar
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      Posted 4 years, 1 month ago

      Play on the US server, I’m honestly surprised I’ve encountered so few


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