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What always bothered me about the old quest mage is that you did nothing in the early game in order to accumulate cheap spells for the flamewaker burst or you would run out of resources early against aggro just to survive and would struggle to complete the quest. The double quest solves this problem, encouraging you to play as many spells as you can in order to generate more spells. The biggest problem is that you can mulligan only 1-2 cards in your opening hand, but the deck has enough draw/card generation and most of your topdecks are playable early. The deck still struggles against aggro as your early game plan consists mostly of drawing and freezing enemy minions, without consistent clears and healing. The beauty and fun of this deck though is if you get lucky and creative with your randomly generated spells you can get out of various situations in unexpected ways.

The plan is to always play the Raid the Sky Temple quest first and to cast 10 spells as quickly as possible, leading into the Open the Waygate quest which can now be easily completed thanks to your new hero power. Draw as early as you can with Arcane Intellect, Research Project, Questing Explorer and Stargazer Luna in combination with your cheap spells, which serve as freeze/removal and card generation. Elemental Evocation into Mana Cyclone early is your strongest play so you should always try to play into it when possible. Flamewaker and Arcane Giants can be a good tempo play as early as turn 6 so you don't need to save them until you complete the 2nd quest. Use Archmage Vargoth to ensure your win condition with Time Warp, but feel free to replace him as it's probably too greedy against most decks.

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