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Let's blow this place sky high! Let's blow this place sky high!

A Control Warrior featuring a tiny Bomb Warrior package.

With the nerf to Dr. Boom, Mad Genius we can't rely on it to carry the game anymore, so I'm releasing an update to my Highlander Bomb Warrior switching away from a pure Highlander deck and instead opting for a more general Control Warrior.

The Plan

That's at least 30 damage worth of Bombs with just 4 cards dedicated towards that combo! (Two of which Brann Bronzebeard & Zola the Gorgon can be used in combination with your other cards instead if things don't work out.)

Omega Assembly and Dr. Boom, Mad Genius can also generate extra copies of Clockwork Goblin (or even Iron Juggernaut) for more inevitable damage.

Zephrys the Great is your final board clear once you run out of cards. Against decks that spam the board the entire game you might want to forgo the Bomb combo and instead save Brann Bronzebeard for Zephrys the Great for two more Brawls. Depending if you still have The Coin and Zola the Gorgon you might even be able to get more than two board clears. Some examples:

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